Acton - Shapleigh Youth Conservation Corps

The ASYCC continues to work to sustain and protect the valuable waterways of Goose Pond, Loon Pond, Mousam Lake, and Square Pond for the enjoyment of the community and its visitors.


We had a successful golf fundraiser this year – our 18th Annual event at Province Lake Golf course on Friday August 5th. One hundred golfers signed up for the event, and we avoided any rain but unfortunately not the heat. Between Sponsors and Golfers we raised approximately $19,700, and we want to thank you all very much. Your donation demonstrates what can be accomplished when property owners, business owners and donors come together in support of our lakes.

Please remember to visit our website,, for additional organization and event information, including details of next year’s tournament, scheduled for Friday, Aug 4th, 2023. By early November all of the ASYCC year-end reports will also be available.

Once again, we thank you for your generous support, as does the community of over 2,000 lakefront property owners. Good stewardship of our lakes yields a thriving environment for all.

With Sincere regards on behalf of the Board of Directors of ASYCC.

John Chamberlain
Jane Thomas
Kent Haake
Scott Lansberry
Debrorah Lansberry
Joe Borst